Collaborative Content Creation by a Group of Educators

In this blog we explain collaborative content creation by a group of educators. With district and school plans, an administrator can create groups of educators who can work together for content creation. This content can be shared with a larger set of teachers with the “Copy Link” function. To create groups follow the steps: LoginContinue reading “Collaborative Content Creation by a Group of Educators”

Online Interactive Whiteboard with Graphic Tablets

Whiteboard.Chat, an online interactive whiteboard that works really well with graphic tablets. It makes it easy for teachers and students to write notes and solve problems together. Sometimes people feel there is a lag when they use the tablet. The best way to see if there is a lag or not is when you writeContinue reading “Online Interactive Whiteboard with Graphic Tablets”

Contributing to the Whiteboard.Chat Community

As developers of the, a free online interactive whiteboard, we get to interact with teachers all over the world. Some common attributes we see among all these great teachers, are their creativity in their teaching methods and them being super helpful. They all want to share their amazing boards work with other teachers,Continue reading “Contributing to the Whiteboard.Chat Community”

An Amazing Online Whiteboard for Teaching is a free online interactive whiteboard that is designed for teaching. Teachers around the world use this Amazing Online Whiteboard to create interactive sessions with their students. Teachers have told us multiple times that it brings life back into online learning. The Whiteboard’s main feature is the ability of teacher to observe and interactContinue reading “An Amazing Online Whiteboard for Teaching”

How Interactive Collaborative Whiteboards Can Help with Online Learning

The world has transitioned to a digital realm in the 21st century. The increased gravitation towards smart devices and screens has made a profound difference in lifestyles and the quality of life at large. When it comes to pre-primary learners, keeping them engaged in online lessons has been one of the most challenging feats forContinue reading “How Interactive Collaborative Whiteboards Can Help with Online Learning”

Free online interactive whiteboard – Engage and Observe your students is an unprecedented online interactive whiteboard. It was created during the COVID lockdowns to assist teachers and students around the world. The main feature of this whiteboard is the ability of the teacher to easily observe students as they work on their lessons. The teacher can join them 1:1 and offer assistance. hasContinue reading “Free online interactive whiteboard – Engage and Observe your students”

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