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As developers of the, a free online interactive whiteboard, we get to interact with teachers all over the world. Some common attributes we see among all these great teachers, are their creativity in their teaching methods and them being super helpful. They all want to share their amazing boards work with other teachers, but have not had the chance to explore’s community … yet.

Well, this article aims to address community by explaining in very simple steps how anyone can share their engaging boards with other teachers.

Submitting your boards:

Step 1: Prepare your board. Your board is reviewed by the team after submission. We look for the following things

  • The board in general should have some educational value
  • Content should be correct, laid out in an clean and appealing way
  • Material should not be offensive to any individual or group
  • Use of color, creative application of tools and widgets provided by
  • Boards should not use copyrighted material where the rights are not owned by the author
  • Single page boards are ok, multiple pages are encouraged, generally fewer than 10 pages are most appealing

Step 2: When you are ready to submit your board, look for the Cloud icon next to the board name, and click on the “Share With Community” community
Click on the “Share With Community” board to start your submission

Step 3: Clicking on the “Share With Community” opens a new browser tab with a form. The form requests for a little bit of information about your board, such as which Subject / Topic it might be related, which Grades it would be suitable for. The board description will appear on the Community Board section should you board be accepted into the community, so please be succinct. community
Sample Form describing your board

After filling up the form, don’t forget to click “Submit” community

Step 4: Wait for our email! It might take us a couple of weeks review and get your board published to the community. You should get an email about our decision. Note that if you make changes to the board after submission, your changes might still show up when we review, so avoid making changes to your board after submission – unless you want to make some corrections or improvements. You can always use the “Save Copy” option in the same menu as the “Share With Community” to make a copy of your board and continue editing your new copy.

Finding your boards under Community Boards:

Step 5: When your board is accepted into the community published boards, you should be able to find your board under the “Community Boards” tab on the “Manage Boards” page. community

And that’s all there is to it! The team is looking forward to reviewing your submissions.

NOTE: Please ensure that the submitted boards have at least 2-3 weeks of lifetime left. You can look at the expiry date under Manage Boards and extend the lifetime before submitting your boards. This is to ensure that during the 2-3 weeks it takes us to review your boards, your submitted boards are not already expired.

Take a look at our Getting Started with Whiteboard.Chat guide and create your first board!

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