Flipped Classroom and Whiteboard Collaboration

In a flipped class, the students are supposed to learn concepts on their own time. Self guided. Then they come together in the classroom for solving problems together. Whiteboard.chat’s features supports whiteboard collaboration needed to make a flipped classroom.

The teachers can prepare a digital notebook that has the content with PDFs and videos loaded. Along with practice questions.

whiteboard collaboration
Digital notebook with content

The students can then study the material at their own pace. When they finish the example exercises, the teacher can examine the level of understanding the students have before they come to class. Since the teacher can see what the students are doing even when they are working asynchronously.

The teacher can also know how much time the students spent on each page and exercise to see where they were struggling.

All of these indicators helps the teacher create better groups.

Live Lesson

whiteboard collaboration
Group Boards in Whiteboard.chat

When the students come to class for the live lesson the teacher can put them in group boards together. The teacher can easily observe the students in their groups. Jump from one group board to another to see how the groups are doing.

Even in group settings, the students cannot disrupt each other’s work and the teacher can always see who contributed what at a later time.

Whiteboard.chat is a very powerful whiteboard for a flipped classroom collaboration. Take a look at our Getting Started with Whiteboard.Chat guide and create your first board!

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