Free online interactive whiteboard – Engage and Observe your students

online interactive whiteboard is an unprecedented online interactive whiteboard. It was created during the COVID lockdowns to assist teachers and students around the world.

The main feature of this whiteboard is the ability of the teacher to easily observe students as they work on their lessons. The teacher can join them 1:1 and offer assistance. has over 200 different teacher designed features to help with lessons.

To get started, follow the simple steps or take a look at Getting Started playlist at our youtube channel.

  • Upload content: It can be a multipage PDF, or Google Slides, or Worksheets
  • Invite students: By QR code, send a link via email/chat/messaging or via Teams or Google Classroom
  • Each student gets their own copy when they join. They cannot see each other or disrupt the classwork. Teacher’s work gets replicated on each student’s notebook in real-time.
  • The teacher can go into “Grid View” and observe the whole class in real-time. They can also join the student 1:1 and work on the student board.

Teachers do not need to be connected for the students to work so it can be sync or async. Take a look at our Getting Started with Whiteboard.Chat guide and create your first board!

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